Full coverage of the main media stories:

Church of England apologises for saying sex is just for married heterosexuals – Maighna Nanu, Independent, Jan 31st 2020

Church of England apologizes for saying only married heterosexuals should have sex – Tara John, CNN, Jan 31st 2020

Archbishop admits ban of sex outside “straight” marriage has caused ‘hurt’ – Tris Reid-Smith, Gay Star News, Jan 31st 2020

Church of England apologises for claiming sex is just for married, heterosexual couples – Patrick Kelleher, Pink News Jan 31st 2020

Church Of England Archbishops ‘Apologise’ For Saying Sex Is Only For Straight Married People – Emily Brown, UNILAD, Jan 31st 2020

Church of England ‘sorry’ for saying sex is only for married heterosexuals – KL.FM, Jan 31st 2020

Church apologises after saying ‘sex should be for married heterosexual couples only’ – WION, Jan 31st 2020

Church sorry for saying that sex is just for married heterosexuals – Harriet Sherwood, Guardian, Jan 30th 2020

Thought for the Day – Revd Dr Giles Fraser, Jan 28th 2020

Church of England bishops break ranks over sex guidance – Harriet Sherwood, Guardian, Jan 28th 2020

Priests and bishops launch scathing attack on Church of England rule that sex is only for straight, married couples – Lily Wakefield, Pink News, Jan 28th 2020

A Laughing Stock: Bishops Distances themselves from Church Guidelines that said Sex was Only for Married Heterosexuals – Sophie Gallagher, Independent, Jan 28th 2020

Bishops join critics of their own civil-partnerships statement – Madeleine Davies, Church Times Jan 27th 2020

‘Laughing stock’: letter from clergy attacks C of E’s guidance on sex – Harriet Sherwood, Guardian Jan 27th 2020

‘Obsessed with sex’: church mocked by bishop over civil partnerships – Nicholas Hellen, Sunday Times Jan 26th 2020

Church of England is a ‘laughing stock’ following civil partnership guidelines, senior religious figures warn Bishops – Gabriella Swerling, Telegraph Jan 25th 2020

Church Of England Obsession With Sex Makes It A Laughingstock, Says Archdeacon – Jamie Wareham, Forbes Jan 25th 2020

Open letter to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York in response to bishops’ pastoral letter on civil partnerships – Anglican Ink, Jan 25th 2020

In addition to coverage by various local BBC Radio stations – including BBC London, BBC Oxford, BBC Manchester, BBC Cumbria and BBC Guernsey – the letter was featured on BBC R4 Sunday Programme (listen at 01:15 mins for interview with Bishop Alan Wilson)